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Latest News

Harimohan joined the battery crew to strengthen the cathode research

Mr. Harimohan Erabhoina joined AFUPO to work on new combinations of cathodes and solid polymer electrolytes, which will strengthen our battery research. Harimohan  has submitted his PhD thesis to NIT Warangal, India after working 4 years in the field of Li-S batteries and has developed many concepts to stabilize such a battery and to reduce the Li-polysulfide dissolution. He also developed high capacity anodes such as tin/graphene and silicon/graphite composites as an alternative anode to lithium metal.

Organic electrochemical transistors based on tunable conjugated copolymers

In a conjugated gradient copolymer combining the hydrophilic ionic conductor PTHS and hydrophobic electronic conductor P3HT in different compositions, the water compatibility, swelling, Volume Capacitance and OECT-mobility could be varied and optimized to obtain high performance OECTS. See Chem. Mater. 2019

Mukundan ThelakkatWelcome to Applied Functional Polymers group at University of Bayreuth!

We are an interdisciplinary group covering fields of Chemistry, Physics and Material Science.

Our objectives are

  • to design and develop novel tailor made functional molecules, polymers and block copolymers,
  • to combine organics with other functional inorganics to get hybrid systems and
  • to contribute conceptually to solar energy conversion and storage.

Our tools include diverse thin film preparation techniques, self-assembly and device preparation and characterization in addition to elaborate synthetic methods.