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Dr. Jolita Ostrauskaite


Publications in the Thelakkat group

[1] Leopold, A., Bausinger, R., Haarer, D., Ostrauskaite, J. & Thelakkat, M. Influence of the sensitizer on the dynamic behaviour of an organic photorefractive material. Proc. of SPIE, 5216:202-210, 2003.
[2] Bausinger, R., Leopold, A., Zilker, S., Haarer, D., Ostrauskaite, J. & Thelakkat, M. Temperature dependent Measurements on a low molecular weight photorefractive glass. Proc. of SPIE, 4462:217-224, 2002.
[3] Leopold, A., Bausinger, R., Haarer, D., Ostrauskaite, J. & Thelakkat, M. Temperature Dependencies in Organic Photorefractive materials. Proc. of SPIE, 4802:33-41, 2002.
[4] Ostrauskaite, J., Karickal, H., Leopold, A., Haarer, D. & Thelakkat, M. Poly[bis(triphenylamine)ether]s with low glass transition temperatures as photoconductors in fast photorefractive systems. J. Mater. Chem., 12:58-64, 2002.
[5] Thelakkat, M., Ostrauskaite, J., Leopold, A., Bausinger, R. & Haarer, D. Fast and stable photorefractive systems with compatible photoconductors and bifunctional NLO-dyes. Chem. Phys., 285:133-147, 2002.
[6] Haridas, K., Ostrauskaite, J., Thelakkat, M., Heim, M., Bilke, R. & Haarer, D. Synthesis of low melting hole conductor systems based on triarylamines and application in dye sensitized solar cells. Synth. Met., 121:1573-1574, 2001.
[7] Leopold, A., Hofmann, U., Grasruck, M., Zilker, S., Haarer, D., Ostrauskaite, J., Grazulevicius, J., Thelakkat, M., Hohle, C., Strohriegl, P., Schmidt, H.W., Bacher, A., Bradley, D., Redecker, M., Inbasekaran, M., Wu, W. & Woo, E. Variation of the Glass Transition Temperature in Organic Photorefractive Materials: Plastizicer versus Novel Synthetic Approaches. Proc. of SPIE, 4104:95-103, 2000.