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Dr. Narayan Somanathan


Publications in the Thelakkat group

[1] Radhakrishnan, S., Somanathan, N. & Thelakkat, M. Thermal Degradation Studies of Polythiophenes Containing Hetero Aromatic Side Chains. International Journal of Thermophysics, 30(3):1074-1087, Springer US, 2009.
[2] Radhakrishnan, S., Somanathan, N., Narashimhaswamy, T., Thelakkat, M. & Schmidt, H.W. Thermal studies on polythiophene containing mesogenic side chains. J. Therm. Anal. Calorim., 85:433-438, 2006.
[3] Somanathan, N., Radhakrishnan, S., Thelakkat, M. & Schmidt, H.W. Studies on 3-(2-ethylhexyl)thiophene polymers. Macromol. Mater. Eng., 287:236-242, 2002.